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Our Story

It all started with a match on a dating app... and then I started falling for the person I still referred to as "leather man". After my first visit to Matt's workshop, I couldn't wait to go back, continue learning and get creative. Now we spend everyday doing something we love, working together in our home workshop.

I was always interested in fashion but didn't love the idea of working in a competitive industry often associated with drama. It wasn't until I began exploring leatherwork that I realized I could combine my love for fashion and attention to detail with my passion for sustainability & caring for the planet.

- Cassie


Thoughtful Purchases 

When it comes to shopping of any kind, I believe it’s important to make thoughtful purchases with the planet and our well being in mind. That involves reading labels & ingredient lists, knowing where products are coming from, buying less but better quality and sharing our knowledge with one another. It’s time to say goodbye to fast fashion and make conscious purchases that are better for the earth & each other so future generations can follow in our footsteps. 

Everything from the design, production & packaging is done thoughtfully. My goal is to make quality, timeless and personalised products that will be loved for years to come. All our leather accessories are made from our workshop in Coolum Eco Industrial Park on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Every material involved in the creation of my products has been consciously chosen and they're sent your way in recycled paper or compostable mailers. My partner Matt & I strive to continue learning and growing so we can offer more thoughtful products & workshops for you to enjoy.


Why Vegetable Tanned Leather?

Vegetable tanned leather refers to the traditional method of tanning animal hide with natural plant substances such as tree bark, leaves & branches. This process takes much longer than others done with chemicals but is the safest for those working in tanning factories and the planet. The result is a more sustainable, durable and long lasting leather, making it a premium material. 

I also use full grain leather which showcases the full figure of the hide including natural growth lines and scars. This creates a truly unique, one of a kind product. The leather for each product is carefully selected from the hide and finished with various hand techniques including bevelling & burnishing. Over time, it softens and develops a beautiful patina meaning you get to watch your products evolve and build character.

In the billion dollar fashion industry, chrome tanned leather is predominately used and the finishing steps are often replaced by using alternative products to seal the edges, which can crack in a few years and decrease a product's lifespan. Another perk about veg tan is it's great for stamping & is plastic free unlike most vegan leathers.

What About Vegan Leather?

Did you know most vegan leathers are made with PU or PVC (aka plastic), creating products that are not long lasting? While we believe everything should be enjoyed in moderation, there's currently an abundance of animal hides - a byproduct of the meat industry. It only makes sense to create and use leather rather than have the hides end up in landfills, creating more carbon emissions. 

There are alternative leathers on the market being made from plants with less PU/PVC however, not all are as durable or long lasting. While these new leathers continue to be developed, we look forward to following the research, testing their durability and offering a choice we’re confident to stand by in the future!

Other Materials

We make an effort to use local suppliers when possible but that hasn’t proven to be easy when it comes to hardware! We use high quality solid brass hardware and strong Japanese thread so everything is made to last. We will continue to search for local, sustainable and quality materials to create thoughtfully made products for years to come and reduce our carbon footprint. 

 Next Steps

While we're only getting started, we’re excited to provide eco-friendly gift boxes in the future, launch some new innovative products we've been working on and collaborate with other sustainable creators. Eager to incorporate my background in education, our goals include offering workshops and building a team one day to provide a creative, educational & motivating workplace for others.

Thank you for supporting my small business!