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Leather Care

What maintenance is required with leather products? 

Leather goods require varying levels of care depending on their use, environment and leather type. We currently use Oakwood leather conditioner, which doesn't darken your leather products when applied. We use it to condition most of our products before they leave our workshop and you can purchase it here.

Small everyday carry leather goods such as wallets and keychains shouldn't require any maintenance if they are used regularly. The natural oils from your hands will be enough to keep the leather from drying out and develop a nice patina. However, a product that has been hand dyed such as our Bordeaux Burgundy keychains, lanyards or clutches may need a little TLC. If you notice them looking dry, lightly condition them and wipe off any access conditioner within a few minutes.

How should leather products be stored when not being used?

If you're not using a leather product for an extended period of time, it's best to store them in a cotton bag. It's best not to leave them in an open environment for an extended period of time. If left in sunlight, the leather will start to lighten. If left in certain temperatures such as an air conditioned room, the leather may start to dry out. 


Custom Stamps & Personalisation

Many of our products allow for custom stamping or personalisation. When it comes to stamping, our natural Italian veg tan leather will make a stamp stand out the best! They will still look great but appear more subtle with our darker leather leather options. 
If you’ve seen a custom product on our social media accounts or are interested in any further customisation, please contact us. Whether you're looking for corporate gear, bridal party gifts or something meaningful for yourself or a loved one, we might be able to help. 

Our modern workshop is equipped with a laser, allowing us to create our own stamps. A vector file or black and white PNG is ideal for turning your image into a stamp. However, if you need help with the digital side of things just get in touch. 

We've made products with custom images, inside jokes and company logos. Stamping can be done on our various size tags, keychains or larger products. Custom stamps range from $25+ depending on size. 



What is your turnaround time on orders? 

Most of our products are made to order so when you complete your purchase, it's being made specifically for you. Smaller accessories are generally sent within 3 - 5 business days however, clutches & crossbody bags are shipped between 5 - 10 business days. If your trying to meet a deadline, please contact us to find out our current lead time. 

If you're looking for a last minute gift, products in our Ready to Ship Collection are sent the following business day or please get in touch to find out about what else we have in stock. 

What are your domestic shipping options? 

All of our products are shipped through Australia Post. We offer registered parcel post for $9 and express shipping for $12. Once your order has been packaged and shipped, you will receive an email notification and be given a tracking number.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do! We charge $25 for standard international shipping and $30 for express.

How do you package your orders?

Our orders are currently shipped in recycled paper & compostable mailers. If your order is too big to fit in our mailers, we use a box. We try our best to minimize waste and upcycle packaging that has been sent to us by our suppliers.